The Five Things

Five Things that Should No Longer Be Acceptable in Education Anywhere in the World

by Jon Bergmann

Reflecting on the education challenges we still face led me to some brutally candid discussions with a team of education professionals. The effort gave birth to a list of things that the group unanimously agreed should no longer be acceptable in education anywhere in the world. The list includes:

    • Delivering, supporting or enabling purely passive learning
    • Tacitly accepting passive learning under the guise of being collegial
    • Teachers owning the learning instead of “insisting” the students own it
    • Teaching in the silo of a classroom, a school, or a school system instead of being a world-class teacher focused on creating world-class learners
    • Undermining school culture by not being radically candid in pursuit of what’s in best interest of our students

The list became the foundation for a professional code of ethics and a manifesto to guide our work going forward.

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