Flipped Learning 3.0 Level - II Certification

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Beginning Educators

Educators who have completed the basic Flipped Learning Level – I Certification and are looking for the most effective, riveting, and innovative ways to use class time with students.
Quickly learn how to confidently move your classroom beyond entry-level Flipped Learning strategies.

Experienced Educators

Educators who are experienced with Flipped Learning and want to update their knowledge on the latest group space global research and best practices.
Confirm and validate your “group space” skills to administrators and peers. Distinguish yourself as a Flipped Learning Level – II Certified  Educator.

Transitioning Administrators

Administrators who are considering implementing Flipped Learning, and need to understand how Flipped Learning supports other active learning instructional models.
Quickly learn the most effective, riveting, and innovative ways skilled Flipped Learning teachers use class time with students.

Level-II Certification:  Mastering the Group Space

This course is a master class in group space management and active learning. You will learn how to confidently move your classroom beyond entry-level Flipped Learning strategies as you explore powerful, proven, “next” practices in active learning. You will learn from some of the most experienced and accomplished pioneers, master teachers, researchers, instructional designers, and Flipped Learning practitioners in the world.  The course is presented by Jon Bergmann, along with a cadre of 15 subject-matter masters, including Eric Mazur, Pedro Noguera, David Jakes, Cara Johnson, and Ramsey Musallam, for a walk on the leading edge of group space innovation and active learning strategies.You’ll complete this master class with a greater command of your group space instruction, a list of new ideas to ignite your class time with students, and a Flipped Learning 3.0 Level – II Certification to add to your professional resume. FLGI Flipped Learning 3.0 Level-I and Level-II certifications are internationally recognized and university accredited in 30 countries.

The Level – II certification program includes thirteen (13) units, takes 8-14 hours to complete and covers these advanced topics:

  • Flipped Mastery
  • In-Class Flip
  • Gamification
  • Reimagined Learning Spaces
  • The Reimagined Student/Teacher Relationship
  • Project Based Learning
  • Socratic Seminars
  • Peer Instruction
  • First Person Narrative
  • Inquiry
  • Genius Hour
  • Insights from the Latest Global Research
  • Avoiding the Biggest Mistakes
  • The Most Important Things

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