Flipped Learning 3.0 Webinars

The 3.0 Era

In February or 2017, FLGI Researchers Fellows and Master Teachers confirmed the findings of the management team tasked with building the global network to support flipped learning. The findings came out of the 12-month project that launched the Flipped Learning Global Initiative.

“The ground underneath flipped learning is shifting,” said Jon Bergmann, Flipped Learning pioneer and a member of the FLGI management team. “Over the last 12 months, we’ve been following several developments that we think require every professional involved in flipped learning to update their understanding, recalibrate their thinking and adopt a new stance toward flipped learning.  The research,  hard data,  anecdotes and opinions of well-informed professionals have confirmed that flipped learning has entered a new stage. The future of flipped learning is going to be very different from the past.”


Flipped Learning 3.0  Webinar Series

The Flipped Learning Global Initiative has designated the new era and paradigm Flipped Learning 3.0.  FLGI is has launched a series of free webinars to introduce flipped learning stakeholders to Flipped Learning 3.0. The online sessions will discuss the practical implications for teachers, administrators, tech coaches, flipped learning trainers, consultants, researchers, technology developers and education policymakers. Each session will host Flipped Learning 3.0 innovators with experience in each of the five factors driving the paradigm shift in flipped learning. Each webinar will offer practical steps you can take to be prepared for the future of flipped learning.


  • We Didn’t Know What We Didn’t Know About Flipped Learning
  • Flipped Learning 3.0: The Paradigm Shift That Changes Everything
  • Creating the climate for  Mastery Learning
  • How Flipped Learning Takes Game-Based Learning from Good to Great
  • How Flipped Learning Makes Teaching with Augmented Reality Possible
  • How Flipped Learning Takes Working With ELLs from Good to Great
  • How Flipped Learning Takes Project-Based Learning from Good to Great
  • Three Ways Flipped Master Teachers Use Classtime
  • The Best Thing You Can Do in May to Prepare for Reach Every Student Next Year
  • Motivating Dreadfully Unmotivated Students
  • When Students Don’t Like Your Class or Don’t Like You
  • Five Proven Strategies to Help Struggling Students
  • What If They Don’t Watch the Videos?

All webinars are free and recorded but they are only available for 24 hours after the live presentation. Access to the past webinar archive is a member benefit to FLGI Certified Flipped Learning practitioners.  Learn more

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