Media Releases


Aug 28 –  A Coalition of Seven Universities Offer Just-in-Time Help for Classroom Teachers Facing Learning Recovery Mandates



Aug 21 – D2L and FL Worldwide Create New Partnership for Mastery Learning



Nov 2 –  The World’s First “Flipped Learning” University to Host Global Standards Summit
Aug 21 – AALAS Announces the First Higher Ed International Flipped Learning Award Honorees | Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences to honor innovators, trailblazers, and global standard bearers.
Jun 25 – At ISTE, FLGI Announces Two International Education Conferences to Redefine Flipped Learning
May 22  – Flipped Learning Global Standards Project Spawns Active Learning Nonprofit
April 16 – FLGI Launches FLR Magazine with 2018 List of the Top 100 Educators Leading Flipped Learning in 2018
Mar 12 – First Nineteen K-12 Schools and Higher Ed Institutions Adopt International Standards for Flipped Learning 3.0
Feb 16 – Flipped Learning Global Standards Community Announces Co-Chairs from Harvard University, MEF University, University of La Rioja, and the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology –  Delegates Invited from Around the World
Feb 2 – Flipped Learning Global Initiative Collaborates with Pioneers from Harvard, Stanford, and MEF University on International Standards for Flipped Training
Jan 26 – Flipped Learning Global Initiative Introduces 30 Founding International Faculty Members

2017 Press Releases

Aug 16 – FLGI Publishes the Top 100 Educators Leading Flipped Learning in 2017
Aug 7 –  Flipped Learning Global Initiative Launches Publishing Division  
Aug 4 – FLGI First Annual Report: Worldwide Coalition Looks Beyond Flipped Classrooms, to Flipped Schools, School Districts, and School Systems
May 16 – Spanish Language Flipped Learning Certification Program Launched
Mar 24 – Flipped Learning 3.0 World Tour Kicks Off at ASCD
Mar 2 – Researchers Confirm Flipped Learning Enters New 3.0 Era, Five Factors Signal a Paradigm Shift in Flipped Learning Has Begun
Feb 9 – Eleven Forward-Looking Companies Commit to Flipped Learning  Worldwide
Jan 9 – New Global Program to Protect Flipped Learning From Bad Technology Choices

2016 Press Releases

Dec 5 –    Flipped Learning Global Initiative Launches International Innovation Center
Oct 17 –   First Cohort of Educators Receive International Flipped Learning Certification
Sept 27 –  International Flipped Learning Certification Program Launched
Sept 23 –  FLGI Publishes the Top 100 Educators Leading Flipped Learning
Sept 22 –  50 Flipped Classroom International Ambassadors Announced
June 30 –  FLGI  Launches Flipped Learning Radio Worldwide on the BAM Radio Network
June 28 –  FLGI Launches Flipped Research Lab, Introduces Global Flipped Learning Fellows
June 27 –  Flipped Classroom Gets Fuel from a Worldwide Coalition of Educators, Researchers, and Technologists

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