International Faculty

Certified Facilitators

All faculty members are experienced Flipped Learning practitioners who completed an intensive two-year program of study in the global best practices of Flipped Learning 3.0, as identified by the Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences.  Each has achieved the Certified Flipped Learning Masterclass Facilitator designation. When your staff receives professional learning from a Certified Flipped Learning Masterclass Facilitator, they are eligible to receive globally recognized certificates of training that qualify for university credit.

Faculty Member Comments

“Instead of being a collection of like-minded clones or divisive debaters, the collaborative spirit at FLGI merges the best that both have to offer. Through our common passions for flipped learning and student success, but by also leveraging our different experiences, cultures, and skillsets, we bring out the best in each other and together achieve heights in teaching and learning that none of us could ever achieve alone.” Thomas Manella

“This is an amazing team! I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more supported in an environment that was asking so much of me- both personally and professionally. I knew this experience would change me, but I had no idea how much.”  —Deborah Rasmussen 

“The level of expectation for results made me feel like I was on the Millenium Falcon going into hyperspace! My brain switched to a deeper mode- one I want to bring into my work on a more regular basis! It makes me want to challenge my students in new ways as well!”  —Jake Habegger

“I have been encouraged and challenged in ways that have taken my understanding of Flipped Learning and my classroom to the next level. I have worked with teachers globally in the past, but this took that experience to a whole new level.”Dan Jones

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