Professional Development Standards

 The Need

Flipped Learning Global Initiative Collaborates with Pioneers from Harvard University, Stanford University, and MEF University to develop International Standards for Flipped Training – February 2, 2018

Why are Flipped Learning training standards needed? The short answer is that interest in Flipped Learning is breaking out all over the world. The ranks of people doubting the efficacy of Flipped Learning is shrinking while the numbers of people embracing Flipped Learning are expanding. This is good and bad news. The good news is that Flipped Learning has moved beyond pioneers and early adopters, and has broken into the mainstream of education.  The bad news is that: READ MORE...

25-Point PD Standards 

Based on the initial work of the International Faculty and input from pioneering Flipped Learning practitioners at Harvard, Stanford, and MEF University, FLGI adopted and released the first global standard for flipped training. The standard applies to professional development facilitated by the Flipped Learning Global Initiative. Version 1.0 of the Global Standard establishes 25 criteria that FLGI has internally embraced and adopted for its International Faculty. To view al 25, READ MORE...

We took the first step toward beginning a global conversation about standards for flipped training, flipped trainers, and Flipped Learning.

The Flipped Learning community was invited to build on the work started by the FLGI International Faculty, by participating in the Global Standards Project.  


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