Katherine Hewitt

Katherine Hewitt

Hello, my name is Katherine Sue Hewitt. I am the program lead for accounting at Klamath Community College and the owner of a small business in Klamath Falls, Oregon (A2Z Accounting & Tax Services) – my personal belief is that one is a better instructor if one is still doing what one is teaching. I am also very involved in the local community through being a member of several Boards of Directors and other volunteer positions.

I was born in California at a naval hospital because my father was in the U.S. Navy. We moved around a lot until I was about 9 years old, when my family settled in San Diego County. I graduated from San Diego State University in 1991 with a B.S. in Accounting Administration. I intentionally interviewed out of Southern California only, so that I could relocate my family to a rural community. I received and accepted a job offer with a CPA Firm in Klamath Falls, Oregon with a start date of December 1, 1991 so that I could stay in Southern California to take the November CPA exam.

After working five years for the CPA firm I made a difficult decision to leave the CPA profession and go into private accounting, due to some ethical issues that concerned me personally; therefore, I began working for a large construction company as their in-house accountant. While settling into this new position I had several clients from the CPA Firm contact me about doing their accounting on my own, so I ended up starting my own non-CPA accounting and tax business.

Several years later (2002), I decided to get my Master’s degree so that I could begin teaching at the then new local community college. My desire to teach there came from the dissatisfaction I experienced as an employer hiring their graduates. I have always had the mind-set of finding a way to become a part of the solution to any problem I face, so I decided to become an instructor.

I graduated from University of Phoenix in June 2004 with my Master of Business Administration, with an emphasis on accounting. I began working on my doctorate degree in July 2005 in Leadership, but had to quit due to pursuing a full-time teaching job, where I am still teaching today.