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It’s about “WE”

None of us is as effective as all of us when we collaborate synergistically. No single expert or guru knows all there is to know about Flipped Learning. No single school, university, or country has all the insights we need to fully realize the potential of Flipped Learning.  Our goal is to collaborate with you to explore and share Flipped Learning’s best thinking, best practices, and best technologies with all educators who want to be more effective.

10 Ways You Can Collaborate With Us

  • Propose a collaborative project
  • Join the FLGI online Innovation Center
  •  Share your insights on the community podcast
  •  Become a Flipped Learning Ambassador
  •  Share Flipped Learning lesson plans or resources
  •  Co-host a Flipped Learning workshop
  •  Connect us to a group that wants to collaborate
  •  Become a technology mission partner
  •  Tell us about an unmet need we can fill together
  •  Show us a better way to do what we’re doing

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