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Why is there a need for a Flipped Learning Global Initiative?

Much of the great work, achievements, insights, and evolving flipped learning best practices are currently trapped in silos. The Flipped Learning Global Initiative is set up to aggregate the collective knowledge and distribute it to flipped learning practitioners around the world.

Who will the Flipped Learning Global Initiative benefit?

The Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI) will help various stakeholders in education. FLGI with help education leaders understand the benefits of flipped learning. FLGI will help guide school administrators through the process of making the transition to flipped learning. FLGI will help teachers get the training they need and access the most current, research-backed, classroom-tested best practices from around the world. FLGI will also help technology developers infuse best practices into their products and services and certify to school administrators that their applications are well-suited for flipped learning.

How will the Flipped Learning Global Initiative share best practices and research?

FLGI will use a combination of regional conferences, workshops, webinars, articles, reviews, blog posts, and the Flipped Learning Radio channel to keep practitioners up on the latest research and best practices.

Who can become a mission partner?

FLGI’s mission partners span the continuum from college professors, practitioners, professional development service providers, and education technology developers.

How do I become a mission partner?

To learn about mission partnership, contact our Director of Global Development, Errol St.Clair Smith at esmith@flglobal.org

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