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Panel presentations are a staple at education conferences and for good reasons.  Panel discussions can put more compelling ideas and energy in a single session than a typical solo presenter ever could.  Yes, panel discussions can be good, but most aren’t. In fact, too many are a compilation of disconnected presentations by people who have never met, delivered in a disconnected format. Consequently, the outcome of most panels is typically a surprise to everyone, from the conference organizers to the panelist, and the audience.

Insanely Smart Panels

The Insanely Smart Panels™ model was developed by the Flipped Learning Global Initiative. The model creates highly effective conference panels through co-developed sessions with teams of subject matter experts. The teams train together like Olympians to deliver content-rich, insightful, and entertaining presentations.

The subject matter teams are selected by experienced conference planners to provide a wide and deep perspective on each topic.  Every smart panel is a highly coordinated cohort with a planned, practiced, and coherent message. The Insanely Smart Panel team is led by Jon Bergmann, one of the pioneers of Flipped Learning who has traveled more than 700,000 miles sharing the practices he helped develop to reach every student every day. The panels are moderated by Emmy-winning host Errol St.Clair Smith, who is skilled at asking probing questions, connecting the panelists’ ideas, and focusing the discussion on the most interesting and compelling points. The result is a richer and more robust experience than attendees typically receive from a single presenter or random, uncoordinated panel.

Awesome way to begin the conference. Indeed an insanely smart and innovative panel. Super inspired to think about how to begin the flipped model for 2019-2020.  – Attendee, ASCD Empower19


Conference Topics

The Most Innovative Ways Teachers Use Class Time

Even teachers who have proactively moved away from using their classrooms for direct instruction and passive learning still struggle to devise more riveting and effective ways to use class time.  In this session, we bring together five masters of innovative classroom practices including: a K12 teacher, an administrator, a tech coach, and a professor. Collectively they share five of the latest ways class time is being reinvented by educators on the leading edge.

A Team Approach to Reach Every Student Every Day

Reaching every student every day is on every educator’s wish list.  In this session, we bring together a dream team of educators who have made that wish a reality in their classrooms. The presenters include: a K12 teacher, an administrator, a tech coach, and a professor. The cohort will cover effective team strategies as well as how to reach every student without ideal team support.

The Four Qualities of Teachers Who Create World-class Learners

World-class learners are globally engaged and globally skilled. In this session, an international panel of educators define the global competencies educators must possess to cultivate world-class learners. The session is presented by members of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative’s International Faculty, and includes: a K12 educator, an administrator, a tech coach, and a professor. Each has practical experience and specialized training in global engagement.

Five Proven Strategies to Help Struggling Students

If you struggle with struggling students this session is for you. In the session, we bring you five strategies from five diverse perspectives including: a K12 teacher, an administrator, a tech coach, and a professor. This team will unpack some of the main reasons why students struggle, take a look at the different ways students struggle, and offer classroom-tested solutions. You’ll leave the session with five proven strategies you can use in your class tomorrow. Finally, the team will answer the question, Can you help all struggling students?

We Are from the Future, Our Schools Look Like This

In the future teachers will be masters of pedagogy and technology. Join us for a look ahead at how educators will use technology to motivate dreadfully unmotivated students, help struggling students, and reach every student every day. More importantly, learn how to bring the future into your classroom today.  This session is presented by a team of educators who are implementing future practices in the classroom right now. The presenters include: a K12 teacher, an administrator, a tech coach, and a professor.

What’s Next? The Hot Trends to Watch in Flipped Learning This Year and How They Will Impact You

Trend watching is a central part of the work done at the Flipped Learning Global Initiative. FLGI is plugged into what’s going on with Flipped Learning around the world through a network of Flipped Learning practitioners in 49 countries. Each year we prepare and present an insightful and entertaining update on the state of Flipped Learning worldwide, the trends to watch, and now they will impact every Flipped Learning educators everywhere. 

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