Higher Education FL Certification Level - I

Created for

Beginning Professors

University professors who are new to Flipped Learning and want a step-by-step road map to start flipping their classrooms.
Quickly learn the fundamentals, best practices, and right technologies to avoid the novice mistakes.

Experienced Professors

University professors who are experienced with Flipped Learning and want to update their knowledge with the latest global research and best practices.
Confirm and validate your skills to administrators and peers. Distinguish yourself as a Flipped Learning Certified Educator.

Transitioning Universities

University administrators who are considering implementing Flipped Learning and need to understand how Flipped Learning supports other active learning instructional models.
Quickly learn the most effective and innovative ways Flipped Learning is being used in higher education around the world.

Higher Ed Flipped Learning Master Class

In 2018, a cohort of 100 experienced Flipped Learning educators from 49 countries collaborated to identify best practices. They defined 187 elements of effective Flipped Learning. The Flipped Learning 3.0 Higher Education Certification Program is based on the most up-to-date research and best practices. It’s full of practical strategies that you can implement immediately. 

In this online course, you will join 37 of the most experienced higher education pioneers, early adopters, master teachers, researchers, instructional designers, and Flipped Learning practitioners in the world, for a walk on the leading edge of active learning. You’ll quickly get the fundamentals and learn to avoid the biggest mistakes. Hear and learn from Dr. Eric Mazur, Dr. Raúl Santiago, Dr. Caroline Fell Kurban, Dr. Robert Talbert, Robyn Brinks-Lockwood and leave with your Flipped Learning 3.0 Higher Ed Level – I Certification.




Program Content

The Higher Education Level – I certification program includes eight (8) units, takes 7-10 hours to complete and covers these topics:

  • Understanding the essential basics of Flipped Learning in higher education
  • The critical difference between pedagogy and andragogy
  • Planning for Flipped Learning
  • Flipped Learning global best practices
  • Effective use of class time
  • Implementing Flipped Learning in different subjects and levels
  • Assessments and Flipped Learning
  • Selecting the right tech tools
  • Taking the flipped class to the next level

A Road Map to Effective Flipped Learning in Higher Ed

The Higher education Flipped Learning Certification Level-I includes insights and practical lessons learned from the first fully flipped higher education institution in the world, MEF University.
MEF has the most practical experience, hard data, and understanding of the process of scaling Flipped Learning in higher education. Register for the Higher Ed certification and get a free digital copy of their upcoming book, The New University Model: An Insanely Simple Guide to Flipped Learning in Higher Education

Learn from a Global Community of Certified Higher Ed Professionals


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