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Company – SIGONGmedia


Digital Educational Contents Development and Software/Platform

Physical address – 225-20, Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13494 Korea

Website URL – http://www.sigongmedia.co.kr/ENG

Customer support contact – jk@sigongmedia.co.kr

Company founded – February 2002

Product description – i-Scream S

Student-centered Digital Education Platform implemented based on Flipped Learning Model.












i-Scream S is a web-based educational platform that teachers log-in to get an access to digital curricular contents in various types, for all grades and subjects in elementary level of education. ‘i-Scream S’ has been in service since 2008, According to SIGNONG Media over 92% of teachers in Korea utilize SIGONGmedia contents as supplementary teaching material through i-Scream S.

Flipped learning application

‘i-Scream S’ is a digital education platform providing features of knowledge sharing, discussion, collaboration and academic inquiry based on digital teaching & learning based on the concept of Flipped Learning. Teachers can freely share and curate whatever digital educational contents that they would like to share with their students through i-Scream S.  Students can study the curated content with their mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones, and they learn about key concepts before they come to class.

‘i-Scream S’ is an integrated platform of digital curricular content for subjects in primary schools. It offers subject-activity, discretionary-activity and assessment material, including videos, images, animation, interactive modules, sound sources and encyclopedic information which works interactively.

Tech requirements –

  • i-Scream S (Web-based platform):
  • ‘Google Chrome Browser’ is highly recommended (version 50+)
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Windows OS 7+
  • i-Scream S (Mobile App):
  • iOS 8.0+
  • Android 4.1+

Grade levels served – K-12 (mainly implemented for primary school level)

Target User: Primary school teachers, students, and parents

Pricing plan –

  • Annual subscription fee (for teachers in Korea): 60USD per teacher
  • Free of use (for students and parents)

Set up cost / additional fees –

  • Except for the annual subscription fee, free of charge for setting up in Korea
  • For the global use, Set up cost / additional fees for educational Digital Contents & Software/Platform Development:

Training options – Ministry of Education certified teacher training program (optional)

Customer support options –Phone, online and onsite customer support

Current number of users worldwide –

Over 92% of primary school teachers (approx. 140,000) in Korea use ‘i-Scream S’ to teach about 3,000,000 students at schools

FLGI Rating: Product Reviewed- i-Scream

Criteria Rating
Initial Cost 5
Hidden Costs 3
Switching Costs – Unknown
User Friendliness 4
Interactivity 5
Versatility 5 (works on all devices)
Need for High Bandwidth 4 (No offline component)
Compatibility 5
Cultural Compatibility 5 (customized for Korean context)
Support 5
Reliability 5
Technology Life Cycle 5 (cloud based so continually updated)
Ease of Set-Up – Unconfirmed
Training Time – Unconfirmed
Student Privacy 5
Student Safety 5
  • Customization for Korean Context
  • Ability to add teacher created content
  • Wide variety of learning objects (text, video, interactives, teacher created video)
  • Analytics are well designed and thought out.
  • Constant upgrades and improvements
  • Large adoption of the platform allows for greater penetration in the Korean market
  • This is an all-in-one tool, but often with all in one tools some of the modules could be improved.
  • Schools who adopt this need at least one day of training to be able to get up to speed on the power of the tool.


SIGONGmedia is a preferred resource provider for the Flipped Learning Global Initiative in Korea.