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flgi-ambassador-badgePeers and Colleagues Program

We’re excited to launch this new program to introduce more educators to the possibilities of flipped learning.

The Peers and Colleagues Program was created to give FLGI Ambassadors a tool, an incentive and a reward for telling other educators about flipped learning. The program provides easy and simple ways to spread the word through your Facebook pages, Twitter, blog, personal website, or email.


The obvious benefit comes from being surrounded by more educators and administrators who understand, value and support your flipped learning practices. But we wanted to reward those who take the extra effort to help support the spread of flipped learning with a cash payment for referrals.

How it Works

Post a notice, send a tweet, write a blog post or email a friend about flipped learning and include your custom link. When one of your peers or colleagues signs up to get trained, we’ll give you 20% of the money they spend on professional development.

We are excited about the possibilities of collaborating with you to spread flipped Learning across the globe.

Who Needs to know

Beginning Educators

Educators who are new to flipped learning and want a step-by-step road map to start flipping their classrooms.
Quickly learn the fundamentals, best practices, and right technologies to avoid the novice mistakes.

Experienced Educators

Educators who are experienced with flipped learning and want to update their knowledge with the latest global research and best practices.
Confirm and validate your skills to administrators and peers. Distinguish yourself as a Flipped Learning Certified  Educator.

Transitioning Administrators

Administrators who are considering implementing flipped learning and need to master the basics.
Quickly learn the fundamentals every administrator needs to know to select the right teachers, trainers, and technology to ensure a successful implementation in your school or district. Avoid costly and embarrassing technology purchasing mistakes.

Apply Now and Start Sharing

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