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Company – MT Servicios Educativos

Category: Teacher Professional Development

Physical address – 1ES Ramiro de Maetzu , C/ Serrano, nº127, 28006 – Madrid

Website URLhttp://www.mtgrupo.com/

Customer support contactamcocos@mtgrupo.com

Company founded – 1989

Company description – MT EDUCATION AND TRAINING specializes in the design, planning and management of educational, training and cultural programs entity, aimed at the educational community creating “unique learning experience” by applying contrasting and agile methods that meet the specific needs of Each client and that allows to project its educational policy and its identity, helping them to be more competitive.


Grupo mt was born in 1989 with the purpose of improving the world of educational services from a unique conception in the sector:

  • Complete management
  • Integral education

Grupo mt works with its own methodology in all its projects with the objective of achieving the results expected by the client. It is a living methodology, constantly evolving thanks to the contributions of the clients and our team of professionals specialized in education. What allows us to offer you to design, elaborate and develop the appropriate programming to the characteristics and needs of each client.

We use the most advanced technology and the most agile methods to respond to such needs with a complete and effective management.

We bet on innovation and our particular style of understanding the customer, who is always the protagonist.

Trust and commitment are the values that have earned us international recognition and we have always been able to generate unique expectations in the sector.


More than 20 years of collaboration with Educational Centers support our interest in education.

More than 500 clients certify our commitment to the Center’s educational line, adapting to the needs of each one, personalizing the services and safeguarding the values and objectives of the Center.

Our network of European partners puts us at the head of countless transnational projects promoting or collaborating in programs funded by the European Union.


It is a priority objective in our company to innovate in new products, as well as innovate in products already marketed, within the framework of a permanent system of continuous improvement.

We have developed the most complete service of the sector incorporating the technologies to our methodology (e-learning).

Groupo mt  is the official professional development partner of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative in Spain.