International Faculty

About the Program

If you are interested in helping education systems around the world move from passive to active learning you’re in the right place.  The FLGI International Faculty has a simple but powerful vision that we state in two pictures. Below is an overview of the program:

One simple objective:

  • Fewer classrooms that look like this

  • More classrooms that look like this

Three simple goals

  • Establish the “gold standard” for Flipped Learning worldwide based on the best global insights and classroom innovations
  • Make the best Flipped Learning training available to every educator in every country in the world
  • Build an international team of world-class master trainers who can go into any country and develop world-class Flipped Learning, that produces world-class Flipped Learning teachers and students who are world-class, self-directed learners.

Five primary commitments

Faculty members will: 

  • Help FLGI Research Fellows, Master Teachers and the FLGI management team continue to define and refine the “gold standard” for Flipped Learning training worldwide
  • Deliver keynotes, webinars, and media interviews about Flipped Learning based on the Flipped 3.0 framework on an independent contractor basis.
  • Conduct onsite Flipped Learning 3.0 workshops and provide support services that meet the FLGI standard for world-class Flipped Learning professional development
  • Actively lead, and participate in online group collaboration
  • Model the principles and culture of world-class Flipped learning

The International Faculty will become the heart of FLGI. Building a core of world-class master trainers will require a significant commitment from all of us. So we acknowledge that joining the International Faculty is not for everyone. However, there are opportunities for anyone who wants to participate at some level.

That said, the first cohort of the International Faculty is pivotal. Why? Because the first group will set the standard, define the culture, and establish the public’s perception of the program.

So we are looking for a dedicated core group of doers who are committed to taking the steps to make the International Faculty a reality.

Where do we start? 

The selection process will begin by forming five online groups. Candidates will move through the five groups as they complete each stage of the faculty selection process. Information will be shared in each group that is relevant to each candidate’s stage.

    Group 101 is for potential faculty candidates. In this group, we will share the most current details about the International Faculty program, answer your questions and host online discussions to help you decide whether to apply to be part of the faculty.

    Group 102 will be a post-application closed group focused on supporting your meeting the basic requirements to become a member of the faculty.

    Groups 103, 104 and 105 will coincide with the advanced stages of the faculty selection process.

Three simple next steps

If you’re interested in moving forward, follow these three steps:

    ONE – Click on the link below to create a FLGI member profile. You will need to include your professional bio and click the blue button to upload a profile picture. NOTE: Submissions without profile pictures and bios will be automatically deleted.   http://flglobal.org/registration/

    If you already have a FLGI community profile, you’ll want to ensure that your bio is complete and you have a profile picture.

    TWO – Once your profile is set up, request access to Group 101 by sending an email to esmith@flglobal.org

    THREE – Whatever questions you have about the International Faculty will be answered in the Group 101. Replying to hundreds of individual emails would consume all of our available bandwidth. So please post your questions, participate, and follow the discussion, to determine if joining the International Faculty is right for you.

It’s been invigorating to shift our focus from flipping lessons and classrooms to flipping the education systems of the world. It’s also inspiring to imagine what educators and students around the globe could quickly achieve if we execute this International Faculty program well.

Perhaps FLGI’s newest master teacher said it best: 

    Flipped Learning is not just an educational method, behind it, there is a deep, human approach to human development, that enables everyone to grow to their full capacity.___Reza Najjar

Let’s get started!


Errol St.Clair Smith
Director of Global Development
Flipped Learning Global Initiative