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FL Global Publishing books and Insanely Simple Guides™ make your Flipped Learning professional development as simple as possible.  All books in the series are easy, concise, reads which are low on jargon and high on practical, actionable, tips. The Insanely Simple Guides are the first books published based on the Flipped Learning 3.0 framework. The books cover Flipped Learning 3.0 and instructional models that are enabled and enhanced by Flipped Learning. The titles are available in print and downloadable as ebooks.
Daniel Jones is an FLGI Level-II Flipped Learning Certified Trainer and founding member of the International Faculty. In this book, Dan shows us how Project Based Learning (PBL) is made possible when paired with Flipped Learning. The book offers a roadmap, along with practical tips, strategies, and useful forms, to help you quickly succeed with project-based learning. Cara Johnson is a master of the Flipped-Mastery model. She is one of the earliest practitioners of Flipped Mastery and has contributed many innovations to this instructional model. If you are looking for a simple, fast, and easy guide to move from simply flipping your instruction to Flipped Mastery, this insanely simple guide is for you. Jon Bergmann is one of the founders of Flipped Learning. Errol St.Clair Smith is the CEO of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative. They combined 50 years of experience to write the bible of Flipped Learning for talent development and all forms of adult instruction. Learn why Flipped Learning is the operating system that supports all instructional models, and leave with a roadmap for enabling the active learning with your staff, trainees, and students.
 Release Date: May 30, 2018

 Print Price: $15.99

 Ebook Price: $5.00

 Release Date: July 15, 2018

 Print Price: $12.99

 Ebook Price: N/A

 Publication date:   Aug 1, 2017

 Print  Price $36.00

 Ebook Price $34.00


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In startlingly honest and moving vignettes, Jon shares how he and 24 extraordinary educators have grown from sharing and reflecting upon their biggest mistakes and regrets. Readers will identify with these stories and feel inspired to live more vulnerably. We all struggle with insecurity, work-life balance, obliviousness, or self-absorption, but we rarely talk about it. MY BAD names the elephant in the room, which makes the book both therapeutic and deeply satisfying.

Let the growing begin!

The bible of Flipped Learning for higher education. Coming soon!
 Release Date: January 25, 2019

 Print Price: $17.00

 Ebook Price: N/A

Release Date: Spring, 2019

 Print Price: $TBD

 Ebook Price: TBD