Hacking Flipped Learning | 2022

The Big Three

Every Flipped Learning teacher, professor, administrator or professional development facilitator knows the three big barriers to Flipped Learning:
  • Making the time to create effective flipped lessons
  • Finding the right group space activity to meet the learning objective
  • Getting all the pieces to work together in (and outside of) your classroom
We are kicking off 2020 with an epic Flipped Learning global project designed to solve all three of these problems.  HackFL 2022 is an audacious, two-year hackathon aimed at making it easier than ever to bring high quality Flipped Learning resources into your classroom.  Watch the short videos to learn about the unprecedented way we’re partnering with Flipped Learning educators and Teachers Pay Teachers to hack Flipped Learning. 


The 3.0 Exchange 

The 3.0 Exchange is the epicenter of an international effort to hack Flipped Learning by 2022.  The 3.0 Exchange is created to support certified Flipped Learning educators who want to find and share lesson plans, group-space activities, resources, tech tools and assessment resources that meet AALAS global standards. Any k12 teacher or college professor can find and download resources from the exchange, but only Flipped Learning Certified Educators can post free or paid resources on the site. The 3.0 Exchange model:

  • Ensures quality by only posting resources from Flipped Learning Certified Educators.
  • Verifies that all resources submitted meet AALAS Global Standards before posting.
  • Uses the GEEFL framework to match and label the resources with the applicable elements of effective Flipped Learning.

Simply said, the aim of the 3.0 Exchange is to create the easiest, simplest way to bring the most current global best practices into every Flipped classroom in the world.

Partnering with Teachers Pay Teachers

The 3.0 exchange offers free FLGI certified lesson plans and group space activities for those who prefer open-source resources. For those who are interested in being paid for the lesson plans and resources, our partnership with Teachers Pay Teachers is big news! The partnership with TPT allows us to immediately offer your lesson plans, group space actives, and other resources to a community of millions of teachers who are already interested in buying flipped learning resources. Watch the video for details.

Share Your Expertise

If you already have one of the following Flipped Learning certifications you can register to be a Certified Resource Provider immediately. We estimate that it’s going to take two years to build this project into a robust resource, so we are offering valuable rewards to the early contributors.