International Faculty Candidates

Group 301: Associate Faculty Acceptance

We are at a major inflection point in the International Faculty Development process. This stage is where we move from theory to practice, and from casual association to commitment.

People and culture are the main ingredients required to build the International Faculty. But it will take more than a shared vision, good people, good culture, and good intentions to change the practice of education worldwide.

It will take:

  • Strong Organizational Practices
  • Strategic Planning
  • Aligned Interests

Consequently, to accept the invitation to move on to group 301, and become an Associate International Faculty member, candidates will need to meet three requirements:

  • Sign a non-disclosure and conflict of interest agreement and return it
  • Provide proof of completion or enrollment in the three basic certification courses Level – I, Level – II and the Basic Trainer Level – I certification
  • Present and confirm acceptance by December 27th

Invitation letters will come with detailed instructions.

In the interim, we invite you to share your personal takeaways from Group 201, and any thoughts or questions you may have about moving to group 301.