FLIC Community Leaders


Flipped Learning Global Collaborators

Collaboration is essential to stay current on the emerging global trends and “next” practices in Flipped Learning. Members of the Flipped Learning Innovation Center (FLIC)  collaborate daily with Flipped Learning practitioners around the world. Their online activities at the center automatically accrue “collaboration points.”  Below is the list of the community’s leading global collaborators.  You can view details of their activities and points log on their member profile.



Collaborator Legend



Verified Member Legend

FLIC Members who have completed certified trainer programs through the Flipped Learning Global Initiative are designated by one of the verified badges below. The badges are displayed on their member profiles:

The Minimum Standard – Level – I Trainers

By completing the Flipped Learning Certification Level –I and the Flipped Certified Trainer course, Flipped Learning practitioners acquire the minimum knowledge to train peers in the fundamentals of Flipped Learning 3.0. The minimum standard training level is designed for in-house peer-to-peer sharing and instructional coaches who are not being paid by others for Flipped Learning Training. Training facilitated by level – I trainers is not certified by the Flipped Learning Global Initiative.

The Professional Standard – Level – II Trainers

Groups who pay for flipped training should expect and receive a higher standard of training. By completing the three required Flipped Learning Certification courses and the three-month orientation program, every International Faculty member has acquired the knowledge to deliver a professional standard of Flipped Learning training for hire. Those who receive training from International Faculty members are eligible for globally recognized certificates of training from the Flipped Learning Global Initiative.

The Gold Standard – Master Trainers

Gold standard master trainers are distinguished by thought leadership and modeling. They have met the professional standard and are building on it through action. They are actively engaged with the thinking on the cutting edge of Flipped Learning and are viewed as thought leaders by peers and the community. Moreover, they model the best practices of Flipped Learning 3.0, including ongoing global collaboration, dynamic evolving professional development, and advocacy. They are the innovators and early adopters who demonstrate for others what is possible. They lead the way to where Flipped Learning is going.