Santiago Miguel Ordejón Zuckermaier

Flipped Learning Certified Educator

Santiago Miguel Ordejón Zuckermaier

English and German Teacher

I am an English and German teacher with over 10 years experience in teaching. I started flipping some of my content in German (basically grammar) two years ago and I am now the Flipped ClassRoom specialist in our school. I am actually applying active teaching methodologies and policies in our department such as PBL, Flipped Classroom and cooperative learning.

Two years ago I became Head of English and German in our Secondary School and I am currently in the Leading Team of the Integrated-Mobile Learning group and in the I+D+I Team of our school.

My alma mater is Heinrich-Heine Univeristy in Düsseldorf, Germany, as I was born in Düsseldorf. There I studied English, Germán as Foreign Language and PE and did the equivalent of the PGCE there as well.

I am currently doing a Masters degree as “Expert in innovation, methodologies and assessment applied to education” by MAECENAS and LaSalle university.