Margherita Vitale

Flipped Learning Certified Educator

Margherita Vitale


I’m Margherita Vitale, I’m 43, I live in Italy where I teach French language in Middle School (Scuola Media) since 2004.
I took two University degrees: one in Foreign Languages and Literatures and another one in Language Sciences, and various Master degrees.
I’m interested in school assessment and evaluation. On this subject I did experiments and researches in my classes and presented the results in some international conferences.
I have always been interested in new approaches and I have fun in trying to experiment those I think can be useful to solve problems we meet in class every day.
Last year I came into contact with Flipped Classroom approach during a course for teachers and I immediately fell in love with it. I promised myself that I would have tried to use it. So this year, in October, I decided to start with this new challenge. Now, I use it in three of my nine classes and it is very nice, even for my students. But I knew that I needed a specific training, so I enrolled in this course that I found very useful and full of inspiration to me.