Laura Garza

Flipped Learning Certified Educator

Laura Garza

Math Teacher

I started as a math and english tutoring teacher at Instituto Sima after I graduated from junior high on 2010. After several years I started giving math courses to study for semestral exams.

I started teaching math during regular classes to pay my College, I used to study Biomedical engineering at Tec de Monterrey. After falling in love with teaching, I droped out of BME to start studying Education during 2013. During that same year I teached life science and spelling to 7th and 8th graders. I graduated a couple of years later. Since 2014, I’ve been the school’s Math teacher for upper elementary (4th-6th grade), this is what au actually do.

My professional growth has been thanks to people’s trust and opportunities to explore new teaching methodologies. My goal is to completely flip my classes, today I have “flipped classroom weeks” just for 6th and 5th graders. I looked fot this certification to be able to do this right, I’ve seen awesome outcomes from what I’ve been able to flip.