Flipped Learning International Ambassadors


Ambassador Update:

As we head back to school this year, we are inviting FLGI Ambassadors to be part of an audacious project.  The project started with a simple question. If Flipped Learning is so great why isn’t everyone flipping their classroom?

We’ve prepared a short eight-minute video briefing to explain the program.  If the initiative resonates with you, we’re asking you to submit a quote through the form below that we can include in the press release we’re putting out next week.  If the initiative does not resonate with you, please submit your feedback and critique.

** Note: All Ambassadors who wish to remain in the program for 2018 will need to watch the following video and submit the form below.

Thanks as always for all you are doing to advance the successful adoption of Flipped Learning around the world.

International Ambassador Briefing



2017/2018 International Ambassador Confirmation

We will be sending out a back-to- school press release about the initiative's expanded mission and manifesto. If you support the program please submit a quote that we can include in the press release.
Tell us about your social media activity and provide links to your sites.

Ambassador Privileges:

  • Listed with Global Ambassadors, Research Fellows and Master Teachers on the FLGI 100
  • Discounted/Free access to local FlipCon Events
  • Ambassador ID badge at FlipCon events
  • Digital Ambassador badge for your website or blog
  • Access to VIP Ambassador lounge at all events
  • Earn 20% of revenue of training referrals
  • Members only briefings and previews of new developments
  • Free samples and demos of new flipped learning technologies.

Ambassador Responsibilities:

As a Flipped Learning International Ambassador, your primary responsibility is to represent the Flipped Learning Global Initiative to your community and represent your community to the FLGI.  Ambassadors agree to:

  • Be part of the FGLI advisory board, sharing your insights and opinions on new projects and programs.
  • Beta test new flipped learning technologies.
  • Help identify challenges and opportunities to support  flipped learning around the world.
  • Spread the word about new FLGI programs, projects, and technology when announced.

Thanks for being part of the vision of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative.

Jon Bergmann – Co-Founder of the Flipped Classroom

Errol St.Clair Smith – FLGI Director of Global Development