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Level-I Certification:  The Essentials

This online Flipped Learning course and certification was developed to provide the basic knowledge required to successfully implement the flipped classroom model. The Level-I certification program integrates the most robust and current flipped learning research and best practices from around the globe.  Educators who complete the online program will return to their classrooms prepared to teach with the knowledge and skills from the leading edge of flipped learning. FLGI Flipped Learning 3.0 Level-I and Level-II certifications are internationally recognized and university accredited in 30 countries.

The Level-I certification program includes nine (9)  units, takes 7-10 hours to complete and covers these essential topics:

  • Understanding the pedagogy of Flipped Learning
  • Planning for Flipped Learning
  • Flipped Learning best practices
  • Tech Tools of the flipped classroom
  • Effective use of class time
  • Implementing Flipping Learning in different subjects and levels
  • Assessments and Flipped Learning
  • Selecting the right technologies
  • Taking the flipped class to the next level

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To qualify for a professional learning scholarship you must be a first-year teacher, a university professor, a k12 school administrator or a university department head. FLGI has reserved 100 scholarships for educators who are best positioned to benefit from the course and introduce others to flipped and mastery learning.

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