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Avoid the big mistakes | Confirm you are doing right | Learn the shortcuts and hacks – The FLGI global community offers resources and tools to support successful Flipped Learning. Get a detailed roadmap, watch free tutorials, or earn your Flipped Learning Level-1 certification. All resources are aligned with the Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences’ global standards framework.

Pedagogy first, technology second

In 2018, the non-profit Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences organized a cohort of 100 experienced Flipped Learning educators from 49 countries to identify the best practices of Flipped Learning. The year-long project involved multiple rounds of peer review and produced the first global benchmarks for effective Flipped Learning for k12 and higher education. Learn how Flipped Learning + Technology = Reach Every Student.

Why We Teach

Most of us became teachers because we like teaching and believed we would be good at it.

The Barriers We Face

We are good teachers, but there are many barriers that prevent us from being as good as we know we can be. Giving 110% every day but not being as effective as we know we can be is frustrating and tiring.

Is There a Solution?

10 years ago we discovered how Flipped Learning could enable any of us to reach every student in every class every day. In 2016, a coalition of educators,  researchers, technologists, and professional development providers formed  FLGI to help educators around the world succeed with Flipped Learning.


Technology is central to Flipped Learning. Securing the right technology and the necessary technical training are vital.

Elements of Effective Flipped Learning

Successful implementation of Flipped Learning requires a mastery of the 187 elements of effective Flipped Learning AND a system to make technology and pedagogy work together.

None of Us Is as Effective as All of Us

No single expert knows it all.  Our goal is to collaborate with you to help share flipped learning’s best thinking, best practices and best technologies with all teachers who want to be more effective.

A Peer-Reviewed Roadmap to Help You Reach Every Student

Insider Experiences

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The Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI), is a worldwide coalition of educators, researchers, technologists, professional development providers and education leaders in 49 countries who are committed to effectively implementing flipped instruction. Click the read more link to get a summary of the fundamentals you’ll need to understand about the modern flipped classroom in K12 to higher education.