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  1. Kristofer Smith

    I think when inner-city classrooms are flipped; it just as in any other classroom opens the eyes of the educators as well as fellow classmates of the children. I have flipped the classroom before, and for me I have noticed that true needs (deficiencies) and strengths of my students. Conversely, it has also given a level of motivation to the shy students.

  2. I couldn’t find the interview with Kathy Swanger, but I listened to the interview with Denice Delk. I think that the idea of a flipped classroom is a nice one, but I was also in one in high school, and I did not enjoy any of it. I understand that it is nice for the people who can’t come to class or don’t follow in class instruction well, but I am not one of those people. The videos almost always lost me, and I didn’t ever want to watch them because of it. Denice Delk said that her students always watched the videos and loved them, but I can’t imagine that all of them liked the way that a flipped classroom worked because most of my classmates didn’t enjoy it. However, I do understand how a flipped classroom can be valuable.

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