WANTED: The 10 Classrooms That Can’t Be Flipped

Try this…

Stand up in front a group of educators and say,

“Flipped Learning is the meta-strategy that that supports all other instructional models.”  See what happens.

It’s astounding to see the span of reactions we get when we’ve made that statement. Some are intrigued, some are baffled, some are incredulous, some are even offended.

But we’ve found that there is good support for this claim, so this summer we’re going to put Flipped learning to the test.

Flipped Learning started in a science class. Since then it’s been used to flipped math classes, English classrooms, social studies classrooms, special needs classrooms, ELL classrooms, nursing classrooms, dance classrooms, welding classrooms, medical classrooms, and law classrooms. To name a few.  Flipped Learning has been used to enabled game based learning, competency-based learning, master learning, project based learning and inquiry learning. Flipped Learning is being used in kindergarten, middle school, high school, universities, and trade schools.

All of which begs the questions, are there any subjects that can not be flipped? Are there any instructional models that cannot be enhanced or supported by flipped learning?

This summer we’re looking to find the limits of Flipped Learning. Specifically, we searching for 10 classrooms that can’t be flipped.

We’re starting with five Flipped Learning 3.0  webinars  presented by people who “claim” to be successfully using Flipped Learning with:

  • Mastery  – June 15: 3pm ET with Lisa McCauley & Lori Johnson (Register)
  • Gamification – July 13: 4pm ET with Tom Driscoll  (Register)
  • Augmented reality – July 18:  4pm ET Tom Driscoll  (Register)
  • English Language Learners – August 3: 3pm ET  with Heather Parris and Lisa Estrada (Register)
  • Project-based Learning – August 10 3 pm ET with Dan Jones  (Register)

We invite you to join us for these free 30-minute sessions and be the judge and jury. Click the register links to participate.

We also invite you to participate in the global search for the 10 classrooms that can’t be flipped.

We are offering a $500 reward for the first person who makes a positive identification of 10 classes that can not be flipped, or 10 instructional models that can be supported by Flipped Learning.  You can submit your 10 suspects here:

Wanted: Ten Classrooms that Can't Be Flipped


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