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Professional Development

Master the ways teachers use Flipped Learning to reach every student every day

“What is the best use of class time? This is the single most transformative question any educator can ask.” – Jon Bergmann, Author of 10 Books on Flipped Learning.

Strategic Professional Learning

“I think a lot of people have a rather naive conception of Flipped Learning. They think Flipped Learning is simply watching videos before class. That’s it. Boom. Done. But it is a much deeper process,” Professor Eric Mazur, Harvard University.


Flipped Learning is a framework that enables educators to reach every student in every classroom every day. The flipped approach inverts the traditional classroom model by introducing the course material before class, allowing teachers to use class time to guide each student through active, practical, innovative applications of the course content.

Flipped Learning is transformative because shifting the basic instruction outside of the classroom gives educators the class time to use all forms of active learning strategies. As such, Flipped Learning is a framework that enables and supports all of the most effective instructional models of the day.

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