Flipped Learning Trainer Certification ( IWBNet)

Certification for…

Beginning Trainers

Educators who have recently been promoted to Flipped Learning trainers or instructional coaches.
Quickly learn the fundamentals of moving from teacher to trainer, along with best practices, and right technologies to avoid the novice mistakes.

Experienced Trainers 

Educators who have already been conducting training in Flipped Learning and want to update their skills with the latest Flipped Learning 3.0 insights and global best practices.
Confirm and validate your skills to administrators and peers. Distinguish yourself as an International Flipped Learning Certified Trainer.


Educators who are considering becoming instructional coaches, professional development facilitators, or presenters at education conferences.
Quickly learn the critical components of how to lead others through the process of changing from traditional models of education to Flipped Learning.

Level – I Trainer Certification:  The Essentials

The  “train-the-trainer” course and certification program was developed to give support to the myriad flipped classroom training programs currently delivered in countries from Italy to Spain, Singapore, Japan, Australia, China, Iceland, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Korea, Canada, Taiwan, the UK and the United States. The aim is to ensure that Flipped Learning trainers around the world have access to the most current global research, global best practices, and proven technology.
The Level – I trainer certification program combines the latest Flipped Learning 3.0 insights, with best practices gleaned from over a decade of delivering flipped training workshops in various subjects, academic levels, countries, and languages around the world. Trainers who complete the online program will have the confidence of knowing how to deliver a world-class flipped training experience to adults.
The Level – I trainer certification program includes eight (8) units, takes 3-4 hours to complete and covers these essential topics:
    • Common Terms and Images
    • How To Share Why Flipped Learning Works
    • Fundamentals of Flipped 3.0 | The New Era of Flipped Learning
    • Flipped Learning Research Summary
    • Andragogy versus Pedagogy
    • The 20-Minute Rule
    • Demeanor
    • Listening
    • The Best Ways to Explain….
    • Training Exercises That Work
    • Spacing Retrievals
    • Making Your Presentations Awesome
    • Knowing Your Audience
    • How to Start Strong / Finish Strong
    • Technology Challenges and Solutions
    • Tying It All Together
    • What Should You Do in a Flipped Workshop?
    • Flipped Class Lesson Plan Template
    • Thinking Through the Learning Space
    • How to Prepare Yourself for a Workshop
    • Becoming an Expert Outside of Your Wheelhouse
    • How to Work with Various Sized Groups
    • Change Theory
    • The Three P’s
    • Being a World-Class Flipped Learning Trainer

Ready to Become a Certified Trainer?

**NOTE: To become a Flipped Learning Certified trainer, you must first complete the basic Flipped Learning Level-I certification course.  You can choose to take both courses simultaneously. However, you will not get credit for the trainer certification course or receive the certification without completing the level-I course.
If you are ready to take the Flipped Learning Certified Trainer course, click the registration button below to sign up for the program.