Top Posts of 2013 from jonbergmann.com

I just sat down and compiled the number of views on my blog for 2013 and here is a list of the most popular blogs of 2013.  I hope you enjoy reading them or possibly re-reading them.

Ten Questions You Should Ask Before You Flip Your Classroom
The Flipped Classroom: A Student’s Perspective–written by my daughter Kaitie Bergmann, about her experience in a flipped classroom.
Making Quality Flipped Class Videos–Jasper Fox Jr. wrote this guest piece.  He is doing great work with his students.
Flipping the Class with Explain Everything & Google Drive
Key Questions You Should Ask Before You Flip Your Class
Before and After the Flipped Class–guest post by John Fritzky.  His story of transformation is amazing.
Five Mistakes to Avoid When Flipping Your Class
What does the Research Say About Flipped Learning?–Our non profit, the Flipped Learning Network published a literature review about the research surrounding the flipped classroom in May of 2013.
What if Your Child is in a Flipped Classroom?–Written to Parents
Homework & the Flipped Class
Why Teachers Matter More in a Flipped Classroom
Flipping the Elementary Classroom–Though this was written in 2012 it still got lots of views in 2013

So which post was your favorite and why?

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