Learning Management Systems

Posting videos to a video hosting site is a good idea, but many teachers who are flipping their classes find great benefit from using a learning management system (LMS).  These are online platforms which server a variety of functions.  A LMS not only can host a video, but it allows for a great deal of interactivity for students.  They all have a way for students to interact with digital content through things like blogs, comment threads, quizzes, and other forms of online feedback.  Many have a “Facebook” feel which helps students easily navigate through the content.  Some are even incorporating game-based learning.Most also interface with a schools student information system so that teachers can do things such as input grades and do attendance right in the LMS.  Many of these platforms are available for free however to get the most power out the experience, schools typically need to purchase the enterprise edition of the platform.

We recommend that a school or district choose only one LMS.  This simplifies the professional development of teachers and simplifies the interface for students.

Below is a list of  some LMS’s .  This by no means is an exhaustive list.

Edumodo Edmodo is known for its easy user interface and is very popular with many schools
VersoApp This is part LMS and part interaction tool.  This is a very simple app available on all devices which allows teachers to very easily create objects for students to interact with.
Schoology This is a full featured LMS which has a great user interface
Canvas A full featured LMS
My Big Campus This is made by LightSpeed which makes internet filtering software and hardware. If a school uses their filtering software then it is free for the school or district
Haiku Learning A simple to use, yet powerful LMS
Sophia.org This is a simple to use platform for hosting and interacting with video content
Moodle This is an open source platform which is free but needs a school or district to host the platform
Black Board This LMS has been around for a long time and many use this platform
Crazy For Education  This site has crowd sourced videos and builds in interactivity into the whole flipped experience
 InfoMentor This is an LMS tied to country standards and is popular in Europe
Google Classroom Google has created a nice LMS like instance that many teachers are using very effectively to flip their classrooms