The Best Way to Learn about a Flipped Class

If you are wondering about the flipped class thing and want to see if the “hype” matches what the pundits are saying, then I want you to encourage you to visit a flipped class.  Bar none, the best way to understand the flipped class is to go to a classroom and talk to teachers and students. This is even better than reading our book.  

The Flipped-Class Network is organizing a Flipped Class Open house day on Oct 18th.  We are looking for folks to volunteer to be hosts and we will also be looking for folks to attend sessions.  We did this last year and had about 30 sites in 3 countries.  We are hoping this fall to have more sites so that people can see the flipped class in action. 

For more information:  Go to:  http://flippedlearning.org/openhouse

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