The Best of Flipped Learning Coming to a Classroom Near You

My team at Flipped Learning Global and I are excited to launch the Flipped Learning International Ambassador Program. I am proud of the ambassadors as they have distinguished themselves as exemplary educators and proponents of flipped learning.  As part of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative they will serve as advisors, beta testers of flipped technology tools, help to identify the challenges and opportunities of flipped educators, and help spread the word about flipped learning.

I am especially humbled by the variety and depth of expertise of the ambassadors. They hail from Spain, Sweden, Iceland, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Most are teachers, but there are also technology coaches, curriculum specialists, librarians, and principals. All have used flipped learning in their classes or settings and as a group, are helping to change education for the best.
The complete list of the Flipped Learning Global Ambassadors can be found HERE

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  1. Hi Jon, very encouraging to see so many folks here who shared a common belief in Flipped Learning.
    At Score Campus in Singapore, we are also doing our part to promote and generate interest in this area. The progress might not be as expected currently, but I am confident that with such global initiative and a strong community, we will be able to bring it to The Next Level! Thanks.

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