Jon Bergmann knows good teaching.  This expert in  Flipped Classroom can relate to all educators and help them in their journey in moving from a teacher-centered to a student-centered education. Lisa Casto Director of Curriculum and Staff Development, Allen ISD, Allen TX

I believe the biggest impact of the “Flipped Classroom” is its capacity to change our thinking about the role of the teacher in a world where information access is no longer a classroom requirement.  Johnathan and Aaron are helping us all ask the right questions about learning –Dr. Ken Helvey, Superintendent of Allen ISD, Allen TX

“We have had Jon speak at a number of conferences for us the past two years, and have been very pleased with his enthusiasm and professionalism. There are more and more Flipped Learning presenters out there, but Jon (in our opinion) continues to the most authentic, and frankly, the best.” – Mike Kerr, Executive Director – WI Tech Initiative“Transforming Our State of Classrooms” Cisco Fellow For The TOSA Foundation 

“Excellent! I thought he did a great job, and I will certainly be trying the “Flipped Classroom” this year!” – Workshop Participant

“I especially liked his message of starting with the questions ‘What is best for my kids? and ‘What is the best use of my face-to-face class time?’ The purpose of flipping is to free-up class time for more student active learning.” – Workshop Participant

“I thought Jon was a wonderful presenter and was fabulous to point out that you don’t have to flip EVERYTHING – you can do one video a month. He really lessened the pressure.” – Workshop Participant

“He was very approachable and real-world. He gave good advice, especially regarding changing the culture of school.” – Workshop Participant

“Jon explained what did not work and why! Great time-saver!” – Workshop Participant