Summer Projects and Some Future Plans:

I have purposely not spent much of the past week worrying about school or thinking too much about education. It has been the week for home projects and time with my kids. I have:
1. Gotten five cords of wood with my two lovely daughters.
2. Spent a day with my girls at the YMCA
3. A wonderful hike with the same girls.
4. Celebrated two of our family birthdays (My son turned 17 and my wife, well she is one year older)
5. Began a relatively large deck project. The railing on my deck has been in need of a replacement for quite some time so I have decided to put TREX down.
6. And then for the past two days I have had to deal with a flooded garage. It is quite disconcerting to go in your garage and find 1 ½ feet of water in it. I think Noah’s flood hit us and it overwhelmed our culvert in our mountain community and all of the road water and dirt and rock and silt made its way into our garage. Not once, but twice. Hopefully I have remedied this problem for the future thanks to a friend with big muscles.
The big project on the horizon educationally is to begin a website that categories all of the best vodcasts out there for education. The start of this project is to upload all of our videos to youtube. Then we will develop a webpage that will categorize all of the best educational videos out there. The page will simply be links to good videos. We are working on how to most effectively categorize the videos, but I think it will help a lot of both teachers and students out. Our youtube channel is: http://www.youtube.com/user/Learning4Mastery but our main page will be http://learningformastery.com .
I would appreciate any feedback you might have on how to categorize each topic. As of right now we are thinking of having a page for each discipline: One for Chemistry, Algebra, Calculus, Astronomy, etc. But the beauty of the web is that we could even categorize them in lots of different ways.
All for now:

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