Summative Assessment In a Flipped Mastery Classroom

Part 6 and the last episode in the Flipped-Mastery Series: Learn how Jon was able to create thousands of versions of the same test for his unit exams.

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  1. Joanne Ward

    I have been benefited by this for about a month or so. Definitely keep it for next school year.
    The only thing is not all versions of Moodle support Math equations. I like Moodle the most!
    Although Classmaker.com does the same thing, for a flipped-mastery class, I probably need to pay almost 30 dollars per month for my students endless re-takes. I decided to stick with Moodle and it worked out great.

    I also highly recommend Kuta Software Inc. I have been using it for an entire school year and it saves me a lot of time. Currently, what I do is importing questions I generated from Kuta Software into Moodle under the category I built and it’s done.

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