Students Learning at Their Own Pace: Sounds Good, But…

It sounds great to have students working at their own pace, but how do you practically manage an asynchronous mastery program. Listen in to Jon’s thoughts about how to make flipped mastery a reality in your classroom

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  1. Joanne Ward

    ” By Friday, you must have mastered the following three objectives.” (Jon Bergmann)

    I really like the part that this model allows a pace and some freedom to the students!

  2. One of the things I like about this is that there is FREEDOM in it. I totally agree that if there is not some sort of pacing guide, some students will have “no pace at all’. I have my class structured on a daily schedule for those that need it, but because all of the content is already created for the unit, those students that are able to work at a faster pace are able to do so. Thanks, Jon, for posting this!

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