Sin #10: Support – The 17 Deadly Sins of Flipped Learning Technology Selection

No tool is perfect. At one point or another, it will break. Thus, it is imperative that you not only test the tool, but also test the support systems of the company producing the tool has put into place. Before purchasing, call the support line or send a support email to ask questions about the support available for the tool. Often, the salesperson will tell you how good the support is, but until you experience it firsthand you won’t know for sure.

When I was a technology director, the website tool I used for my district had the best customer support of any company I had ever worked with. When I had problems I simply picked up the phone and a friendly person helped me to navigate the tool. Though there were tutorial videos available for troubleshooting, I loved that in two minutes I could be speaking to a real person who promptly answered my questions. Due to this experience, I became a loyal customer for life with that company.

When making a decision of what tool to invest in, don’t just check out the tool. Be sure to check out the support, as you’ll be thankful for that decision down the road.

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