Seven Things to do this Summer to Prepare for Your Flipped Class

Summer is just around the corner, and teachers are both grieving and celebrating the end of the school year. For me, the end of a school year was always bittersweet. I had poured my life into a group of teenagers, and though I would see some of them the next year, I knew it would not be the same. Yet, on the other hand, summer gave me time to rejuvenate, play, and learn.

One of the beauties of summer is that there is more time to learn and prepare for the coming year. So, if you are already flipping your class or are considering flipping your class, here are seven things you can do this summer to make your flipped class awesome.

  • Learn from the experts: Summer has some great conferences on flipped learning. It is possible that your school may oFlipCon2016ffer a workshop. If they don’t, feel free to reach out to me and maybe I can provide some professional development for your school or district. There are two FlipCon conferences this summer, and I am leading an all-day workshop in Illinois.flipcon_NY
  • Get a Software Upgrade: One aspect of flipped learning that many teachers struggle with is the creation of videos. Get some software and start making flipped videos. If you already are comfortable with this process, take your videos to the next level and add annotations, in-video quizzing or build your own forward board. If you don’t know what a forward board is, then watch THIS video and then go to http://lightboard.info and learn how to make it.
  • Plan better in-class activities: If you have your library of videos produced, then revisit what you do in class. The key to the flipped classroom is not the flipped videos, but rather the engaging things you can do in class because of the videos. Scour the internet, look in your textbook materials and find great activities for your students to do in class each day.
  • Flip a Whole Unit: One of the significant struggles in flipping a class is time. During the school year, teachers have so many demands that they can’t envision flipping a whole unit. I encourage you to create all the learning objects you need to have one ready-made flipped unit. A unit should include:
    • Unit outline
    • Flipped videos
    • In-class activities
    • Assessments
  • Rest: Don’t forget to rest. Take time to enjoy your family, go for hikes, ride a bike, play some games, get some exercise, connect with your inner self, or read a book for pure pleasure.  

Please share with others your summer flipped class plans.  

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