Next Practices from The Best Minds in Flipped Learning

Join Jon for the inagural episode of a new show. Flipped Learning Global Radio will promote flipped learning globally and will feature some of the best minds in flipped learning. In this episode, Jon interviews Dr. Carl Reidsema (@ReidsemaC) who is Director of Teaching and Learning in Engineering and the Director of the Centre for eLearning Innovations and Partnerships in Science and Engineering (eLIPSE) at the University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia.


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  1. rene rowland

    Heard it! Fantastic idea, the radio station. Thank you, Jon and Carl for your insights. Collaboration is key, but my school district is still entrenched in testing and for the most part, my generalist colleagues don’t have time to collaborate with me, the music teacher.

    For a future episode I would be very interested in your perspective on how our systems can break away from perpetual testing and being overly concerned with API.

    1. Jon Bergmann

      Great thought on a future show. Note that if you go to the subscribe to podcast link you can see over 60 episodes of my radio show, the Flip Side.

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