My blog has moved to jonbergmann.com

The new logo:  Developed by Emily Bergmann

The new logo: Developed by Emily Bergmann

As most of you know, I left my job as Lead Technology Facilitator at the Joseph Sears School this past Spring to devote all of my time and energies to training educators, especially teachers, how to rethink schools and turn learning on its head.  The blog has a new title:  “Turning Learning On Its Head.”

To that end, I have moved my blog, email address, and business to a new website.  It is jonbergmann.com.  For those who have signed up for my blog I have moved your subscription over to the new website.  I plan to move some of my resources over to the new website when I get some “spare” time.  I would appreciate it if you would tell your friends about the new website.  And as with all new websites, I am sure there are typos and improvements I have not noticed.  I appreciate your comments and thoughts as I work to make this the best resource possible.

And a shout out to my talented daughter, Emily, for creating the amazing logo for the website.

Please explore this website and give me any feedback so that I can make it the best resource possible for everybody.


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