Flipped Master Teachers

flgi-master-teacher-badgeFLGI’s Flipped Master Teachers: Why?

Flipped Learning Master Teachers are effectively bridging the gap between research and practice. These extraordinary educators are well positioned to help validate the research and identify new areas for exploration. They serve as advisors, models and trainers for the work being done at FLGI.  We are also counting on them to:

    • share proven best practices in flipped learning
    • participate in a shared community of teachers as master flippers

Flipped Learning Master Teachers

We are pleased to introduce the inaugural cohort of FLGI Flipped Master Teachers.

Flipping my class has allowed me to introduce meaningful projects and activities into my subject. It has been a game changer.

Ryan Hull, Social Studies Teacher, Pioneer Trail Middle School, USA

I am an educated Architect but have been working as a Teacher in Keilir since 2010, teaching Danish to adults both in the classroom and online. My teaching methods have changed dramaticly during these 6 years. The spring 2012 our teachergroup got introduced for The Flipped Classroom idea and that was a eyeopener for us. I‘ve been practising Flipped Classroom ever since and allways learning something new, discovering new ideas and methods. I‘m very interested in development in education and now I‘m studying at the University to get a diploma in teaching.

Sigrún Svafa Ólafsdóttir, Sigrún Svafa Ólafsdóttir – Keilir Academy, Iceland

Peter is a San Marino High School social studies teacher with 30 years of teaching experience. As a fan of flipping, he periodically writes and/or presents on this topic. Recently, he described one of his better flipped learning lessons during a PBS Learning Media webinar presentation. Peter is currently looking to interview other teachers who flip. His hope with these interviews, to highlight the best flipped learning lesson plans of these teachers and then to have those interviews posted to the FLGI website for others to use.

Peter Paccone, Social Studies Teacher, California USA

Educator for 30 years, M.Ed. Degree from UBC in Vancouver, Canada. “All my career as an educator I have had this bad feeling of the gap between the active lecturer and the passive teacher. Working in a college where students pay tuition fees and are older in age than the average college student, we found out in our first year of a new school that the students were not paying attention in the classroom, despite the fact that we have a bunch of creative and enthusiastic teachers. Something was wrong. We ran into flipped class on the internet and realized ‘that was it!! „Let´s do it,’ In five years we have been flipping our school. It has opened not only our own eyes but thousands of others educators across Iceland and parts of Europe. We will never go back to a traditional school. Our school has an atmosphere of creativity and joy. Over on thousand educators from all over Europe have visited our school, and many are now copying our success in their schools.

Hjálmar Árnason, Director of Keilir Academy Iceland

Katie Lanier’s journey with flipped learning began in 2011 while searching for a way to meet the needs of struggling and frustrated physics students. By flipping physics class she was able to provide the time to include inquiry and project-based learning as part of the experience which eventually became a legacy course which challenges students to apply their science knowledge to serve the school community. She is excited to be included in this initiative as her goal is to help as many teachers as possible create an engaging classroom that nurtures and challenges students. Flipping her class pushed her to pursue an M.S in instructional media and an administrative certification. In 2013, she was selected as the Allen Independent School District Secondary Teacher of the Year. She enjoys sharing her experiences through twitter, training, her blog, Learning Opportunities, and has presented at state and national conferences including STAT, TAGT and Flipcon

Katie Lanier, Instructional Specialist for Allen High School, Allen, TX

Juan Pablo is a magician, teacher and industrial engineer. He enjoys reading, flying kites, trekking, and robotics. He is the educational innovation coordinator at Tajamar School in Madrid
He has taught maths for 10 years and flipping for three years. He would never go back to traditional teaching.

Juan Pablo Sánchez del Moral, Secondary Math Teacher, Spain

Wilson is a Brazilian Online Education’s pioneer working with teacher training for educational use of technology since 1996. In 2013 he coordinated an online course, “FLIP: A Sala de Aula Invertida” with Jon Bergmann for Brazilian and Portuguese educators that had 2 more versions in 2014 and 2016

Wilson Azevedo, Aquifolium Educational

Cara Johnson has been an educator at Allen High School since 2009. She taught Biology and Anatomy and Physiology and, in 2015, took on a new role as the High School Science Instructional Specialist.

Cara began her flipped classroom journey in 2010. After attending FlipCon14, Cara moved her flipped 101 course to a flipped-mastery course. With flipped-mastery, students guide their own learning, develop an in-depth understanding of the content and acquired the skills that enabled them to be independent learners, such as time management, organization, and research tools in order to pursue their curiosity.

Cara has presented her flipped mastery learning methods at numerous conferences include FlipCon15, FlipConTX & FlipCon16. In her new role, Cara has the opportunity to help 47 high school science teachers plan and implement their curriculum and using flipped class and mastery learning strategies.

Cara earned a B.S. in nutrition from the University of Texas, a M.S. in nutrition from Texas Women’s University, and is completing her Ed.D. in educational technology and leadership from William Taft University. Cara was awarded the Presidential Award in Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) in 2015.

Cara is a mom of two energetic kids, Austin and Ellie and wife to pretty awesome firefighter, Darryl. Cara is also a dietitian, triathlete, marathon runner and a loud, outgoing, friendly Texan!!

Cara Johnson, High School Science Instructional Specialist, Allen Texas

Since 2004, I have been working in ELT (English Language Teaching) with experience in schools (bilingual and public) at primary and secondary levels, universities and language centers. Through different academic roles, I have gained experience in lesson planning, material design, teacher training, administrative tasks, national bilingualism projects, doing research, revising thesis, academic proofreading and attending and presenting at academic events.

I started flipping about 5 years ago when I was doing my MA thesis. I designed a blended pronunciation pedagogy course for English teachers and stumbled into flipped learning because it made sense. I later found out that what I was doing was flipping and eventually completely embedding flipping into my teaching .

Between 2015 and the beginning of 2017, I was the head of a languages department at a bilingual school in Bogotá, Colombia and, due to homework policies, I started in-class flipping. I fell in love with it! I taught literature to 7th grade and public speaking to 10th graders. And, so much was the love for this approach that I started trying different ways and just thinking about how it could work in different contexts and according to different needs. Now I’m one of the master teachers in certification level II, with my colleague Carolina R. Buitrago, sharing what we have learned about in-class flipping.

Today, I am working at Universidad de Los Andes teaching English. I am flipping and in-class flipping and find having both options has allowed me to be flexible and respond to different classes according to the particularity of each course, classroom setting and context. I also provide teacher training workshops and do academic proofreading.

I love blogging about the things I do in my classes. Check out my blog: www.martharamirez.com.co

Martha Ramirez, Universidad de Los Andes

I’m a teacher educator. I have worked in the field of English Language Teaching since 2001. I have performed tasks in different educational fields. I have been an English teacher, teacher supervisor, teacher trainer, thesis director, University professor, and I have also worked as an associate editor for a couple of indexed journals. I am a research enthusiast and I have worked on varied research projects involving flipped learning.

Carolina Buitrago, Institucion Universitaria Colombo Americana-Unica

I obtained my D.V.M degree in 2007 at the Islamic Azad University of Tabriz – Iran. During my studies at university, in addition to the publication of 12 articles, the construction of 10 types of animal skeletons; the collaboration in the translation of a book based on principle surgery of large animals & a book about Domestic Animals Anatomy, establishing the Histogenetics Laboratory of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, I was known as a head of laboratory too. Then, because of great interest in teaching, I started working as a science and biology teacher in the Tarh-no Educational Complex. In this complex, after 4 years of teaching and studying the philosophy of education, in 2012 I wrote virtual – classroom educational method and performed it for two years. In 2014, after knowing the flipped learning method, and adapting my approach with it, because it seemed so sensible, I chose it. I have been holding my science classes with this method for the students at the age of 14-17 years for 2 years. Currently, with the formation of a team of six teachers in mathematics, science, social science, English and biology, we are studding and performing flipped learning method in this complex.

Reza Najjar, Science Teacher, Iran

Dan earned a BS in Middle Grades Education from Ashland University and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from American College of Education. He currently teaches 7th and 8th grade social studies and RLA at The Richland School of Academic Arts, a public charter school. His professional interests include e-learning and technology, as well as project-based learning. He has written for Edutopia.org, AMLE, The Inkwell Blog (A blog run by The White House Historical Association), and has spoken at both state and national level middle school conferences. He partnered with Microsoft and Yoostar to create a presentation for the Association for Middle Level Education Conference. He developed a distance learning program that enabled his students to be the first students in the United States to Skype with The US Capitol, The National Archives, The White House Historical Association, Mount Vernon, and numerous others.

Dan Jones, Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Ohio USA

Steve is a high school science and digital technology teacher from Australia. Steve is a passionate flipped educator and uses active learning strategies like inquiry, peer instruction and project based learning to help students develop 21st century skills. Steve is a masters candidate and is researching how different video styles effect student learning.

Steve Griffiths, Secondary Science Teacher, Brisbane Australia

Domingo is a Vocational English Language Teacher who believes that true learning starts with connection and relationships. He says that classroom is no longer a closed space. One of his key quotes is: “I teach, therefore I learn.”

Domingo Chica Pardo, English Teacher, Spain

Peter obtained his MS in Math Education from St. John’s University, Queens, NY. His professional interests include the implementation of educational technology to enhance Flipped Mastery. He was invited by The Association of Suffolk Supervisors for Educational Technologies to present at their annual conference in March.

Peter Santoro, High School Math Teacher, New York, USA

I know first-hand the power of Flipped Learning. I am honored to participate in this global initiative. Flipped Learning is completely transforming my thinking on how students develop as learners. Flipping my class is stretching me as a teacher. I am in constant awe at how my students keep pushing themselves forward no matter the task. Not only are my students owning their own learning, so am I. I have been on this flipped journey since August 2013. It is indeed an ever evolving journey with more highs than lows, more laughs than frowns, more excitement and creativity than discouragement, and more about them, less about me. I have better connections and relationships with my students than I have ever had before and I would not in a million years have it any other way. Flipped Learning has dared me to be more, do more, believe more for the students I serve.

Celestine D. Clemons M.Ed , Sealey Elementary Math and Science Magnet School

Rebecca Calderara is a second-year English teacher at Cerdon College, Merrylands (Australia). Her passion for education has seen her fulfil some incredible opportunities in her career. Since graduating from the Australian Catholic University in 2016, she has achieved the following titles; Flipped Learning International Ambassador, Flipped Learning coach at Cerdon College, Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of 2017), Debating coach, and Debating adjudicator. Her goals include empowering students to take ownership of their learning and to develop their hunger to learn using a variety of pedagogical and technological approaches to initiate and maintain student interest. She is also an ardent advocate for the use of technology in education.

Rebecca Calderara, English Teacher, Cerdon College, Merrylands (Australia)

2008 graduate of Baylor University with a B.S. in Biochemistry. My students and I began recording lab activities as a way of helping students who missed classes frequently, such as home-bound and student athletes. We officially began a complete in-flip early last year in place of lecture content and have since migrated into a flipped mastery model spanning 3 years of high school and college-level chemistry. My students and I have never been happier or more successful than we are today.

Matthew Stratmann, Science Teacher, Texas USA

I’m an 8th grade US History Teacher in Franklin, Tennessee. My goal in education is to invigorate student learning by meeting them where they are through the use of technology. To do this, I have switched to the Flipped Mastery Model with Gamification utilizing Google Classroom to interact with my students. I also have a channel on YouTube where I share my lectures, crazy videos, and history song parodies. I was recently featured in Nashville’s newspaper, the Tennessean, for my work with 1:1 technology integration in the classroom. I have presented at several state conferences and countless district PD sessions on Flipped Classroom 101, Flipped Mastery with Gamification, and multiple tech tools to use in the classroom. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter at @mrhhistory!

Jake Habegger, Middle School History Teacher, Tennessee USA