International Faculty Candidates

Ego Is the Enemy

We’ve come to the end of our Group 201. By now it’s clear that we are all part of an UNcommon group, with an UNconventional culture that is legitimately poised to impact the world of education. The third and final idea that we have to challenge to sustain and extend the FLGI culture is ego. 

Arguably, over-inflated egos, fragile egos, and unchecked egos are the biggest obstacles we face. On the flip side, everything we have covered over the past few weeks is possible as long as we can park our egos at the door.

How We Do It

One of the most compelling books our leadership team has read starts with a simple four-word paragraph:

“It’s not about you.”

The FLGI culture works because the single most important idea that we all agree on is that FLGI is not about us. FLGI is about something bigger than any of us.   It’s this deeply held belief that allows each of us to park our egos at the door.

Let’s be clear… It takes an UNnatural amount of true humility to function in the FLGI culture. False, fake, pseudo humility falls apart pretty quickly in this culture as people discover that it’s much easier to talk about leaving our egos at the door than to actually do it.

So our final Group 201 mission is to identify those faculty candidates who are willing to do the hard work to  transcend the ego, move beyond being great “workshop facilitators,” to become FLGI Global Education Leaders.

The term for the type of people we are seeking is “Level 5 Leaders.”  Watch the following  90-second video, then take the poll, and join the final discussion on Parking Our Egos at the Door.


  • What are the biggest issues you will have to overcome to park your ego at the door?
  • What has been your experience with Level 5 Leadership?
  • What would a Level 5 Leader bring to the FLGI Idea Meritocracy and the Radical 10 Habits?