Learning Recovery: Resources & Funding

Relief for Teachers

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many K12 teachers and university professors are walking into classrooms where students have the most widely different academic skills and social-emotional needs in recent history.  More individualized instruction is required to close the gaps. Below are details on free resources, advanced resources, and funding available to help you provide the personal attention your students will need on the road to recovery.

Free Differentiation Crash Course for Classroom Teachers

The non-profit Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences is offering the Differentiation Specialist Certification at no cost to all FLGI certified educators.

The Flipped Learning 3.0 Differentiation Certification addresses one of the biggest challenges teachers face this school year. How do I give the right instruction at the right time to every student in a class of 20, 30, or more?

This complimentary course is a step-by-step guide to planning for differentiated instruction, differentiating assessment, and classroom management in a flipped classroom. The course includes practical strategies from a cadre of 16 differentiation masters, including Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson, Dr. James (Jim) Delisle, and Birgit A. Jensen.

When you complete this master class you’ll receive the Flipped Learning 3.0 Differentiation Specialist Certification to add to your professional resume.

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Funding for Learning Recovery

Though many educators dislike the term “learning recovery,” in March of 2021, a federal program earmarked $126 billion for K12 schools. Five percent of those funds must be spent on evidence-based learning recovery programs.

For teachers, this means these funds may be used to strengthen the skills you personally want to enhance to manage the highly diverse academic needs of your students this term. Many teachers are unaware of the details of this funding source, so we are providing fact sheets that you can use to request more personalized support, paid for by your school administration. The program is called the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act and it includes the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund.  (ARP ESSER.)


Source: US Department of Education


Advanced Resources for


Classroom Teachers

Learning Recovery Specialist Level-I is for educators who are new to Flipped Learning and want a step-by-step roadmap to differentiating instruction with their students for the purpose of learning recovery.
Quickly learn the fundamentals of differentiating in a flipped classroom along with proven best practices to avoid novice mistakes.  

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Instructional Coaches

Learning Recovery Specialist Level-II is for educators who are experienced with Flipped Learning but want to learn the innovative new strategies teachers are successfully using to differentiate instruction including Mastery Learning.
Confirm and validate your skills to administrators and peers. Distinguish yourself as a Certified Learning Recovery  Specialist.

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School      Districts

For school administrators who want to prepare a team of Learning Recovery Specialists to support a school, multiple schools, or a school district.
Contact us to learn the fundamentals every administrator needs to know to support your teachers’ and instructors’ efforts to differentiate instruction for all students even in large classes.

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Top 10 Research Papers


Research has determined that differentiated instruction is an effective way to meet the needs of diverse learners. Teachers, who effectively differentiate, employ numerous strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners. This paper outlines several processes for differentiating instruction with flipped learning.  [See Paper]

2 – Proceedings of Braga 2014 Embracing Inclusive Approaches for Children and Youth with Special Education Needs ConferenceFlipped Classroom Instruction for Inclusive Learning

Flipping a classroom allows for direct instruction to be asynchronous and therefore differentiation for each student can be possible. The pace of the class becomes appropriate for each student and the establishment of mastery for a lesson can be achieved when lessons become personalized. [See Paper]


Share strategies with a community educators who know how to effectively differentiate instruction

Teachers who successfully differentiate instruction stay apprised of effective pedagogy and how students learn (Parsons, Dodman, & Burrowbridge, 2013). Those who employ flipped learning in their classrooms in higher education are on the cutting-edge and through sharing strategies can help to engage students and increase student learning.


Anahuac University Offers Support for Learning Recovery as the Delta Variant Expands Need for More Individualized Teaching

New program gives educators the skills to manage the back-to-school class of 2021 where students have the most diverse academic and social-emotional needs in recent history.

Mexico City, August 26, 2021 – Today, Anahuac University announced that it has joined a global coalition of universities to provide critical classroom-level support to K12 teachers and university professors who will be facing an unprecedented need for more individualized teaching. The university is offering just-in-time skills for teachers and professors who will be teaching students returning to school this year with widely different academic skills and social-emotional needs. Anahuac is preparing educators with an evidence-based framework they can use during regular class periods to provide the personal attention students need to close diverse skills gaps…. [ Read More ]


Flipped Learning Skills Benchmarking Tool Updated for Learning Recovery.  In Beta, Release Set for Mid-September

We are seeing an explosion of advanced Flipped Learning teaching strategies that include things like innovative combinations of mastery learning, gamification, and artificial intelligence to the discovery of the essential details that create more effective flipped classrooms. How up-to-speed are you on the most advanced Flipped Learning strategies? How do your advanced Flipped Learning skills compare to other Flipped Learning teachers and professors around the world? Click the green button to run through the NEW 10-question checklist and get your Advanced Flipped Learning Skills Score in 30 seconds.

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The New Digital Certificate

      • Lists the universities and organizations behind the certification program.
      • Includes a “status” link you can add to your resume, to easily verify your active certification.
      • Strengthens your LinkedIn profile when added to the Licenses and Certifications section.
      •  Validates your advanced expertise with Flipped Learning differentiation strategies, Flipped Learning planning strategies, Flipped Mastery, learning recovery, and transitioning to online and hybrid learning.
      • Enables those who offer professional development to stand out as vetted and trained on Flipped Learning 3.0 global best practices. Learn more…


More resources to reach every student

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