Certified Technology Partner


Company – Klounge

Category: Video Creation

Physical address – 137-7, Hakdong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Website URL –  www.knowlounges.com /  www.klounges.com

Customer support contactklounge@klounges.com

Company founded – June 2011

Product description/ Flipped learning application

Product: Know Recorder

Know Recorder lets you create your own video lectures for use in flipped classrooms on both iPad and Android for free. The app has a range of whiteboard tools, including the ability to add your own images, videos and PDFs, which you can write directly on. Record your videos at the touch of a button and use the timeline editor to re-record if you’re not happy with something. Export your videos directly to YouTube and share on Facebook, or upload it to our list of lectures that can be viewed from within the app.


Knowlounge is a feature-rich online classroom environment for the web, iOS and Android. The platform lets you share an interactive whiteboard with students in real-time and also allows you to simultaneously share your webcam to keep it personal. In addition to the many whiteboard tools, you can also share images, videos, and PDFs to help explain concepts, as well as give various types of quizzes for students to answer. Students can also break off into their own whiteboards to do assignments or receive one-on-one tutoring with a friend.

Tech requirements –

Know Recorder: iPad (iOS 8+) / Android Tablet

Knowlounge: iOS Device (iOS 8+), Android Device (4.4+), Browser (Chrome of Firefox recommended)

Grade levels served – All

Target User: (Teachers, admin, students, parents?) Teachers, students, parents, all learners and tutors

Pricing plan –

Know Recorder: Free (in-app purchases to be confirmed)

Knowlounge: Free with in-app purchases

Set up cost / additional fees – None

Training options – N/A

Customer support options – Online customer support form

Current number of users worldwide – We don’t wish to list this at this stage

FLGI Rating: Pending

  • A virtual classroom tool in which teachers can present in real time to students, deliver polls, markup documents together, and record the sessions

    Criteria Rating
    Initial Cost 5 (Free)
    Hidden Costs 5
    Switching Costs 5
    User Friendliness 3
    Interactivity 5
    Versatility 5
    Need for High Bandwidth 3
    Compatibility 3
    Cultural Compatibility 4
    Support 4
    Reliability 4
    Technology Life Cycle 4
    Ease of Set-Up 3
    Training and Time 4
    Student Privacy 5
    Student Safety 5
    Strengths Very versatile app that works on any device and allows for students and teachers to collaborate together on any device.
    Weaknesses It could be more intuitive. Some of the features seem hard to access. There is not much support or demos on the website.
    Video Review

Klounge is a preferred video creation resource provider for the Flipped Learning Global Initiative in Korea.