Flipped Learning Ivy Schools

Master the ways top schools use Flipped Learning to reach every student every day

“What is the best use of class time? This is the single most transformative question any educator can ask.” – Jon Bergmann, Author of 10 Books on Flipped Learning.

Learning with the Top 5% in the World

FLGI partners with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and the United Daily News Group, to identify exceptional candidates for Flipped Learning Ivy Schools in Taiwan. Students and teachers at these schools will learn with the best in the world.

The Top 5%

In November of 2018, FLGI  organized the “ivy league” of original founders and pioneers of Flipped Learning around the globe into a professional development alliance. The goal of the Flipped Learning Alliance is to help a network of committed schools become the top 5 percent of active learning schools in the world.  These exceptional model schools are called Flipped Learning Ivy Schools – internationally recognized centers of active learning facilitated by certified world-class teachers.

FLGI has partnered with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and the United Daily News Group,  to identify and support exceptional candidates for Flipped Learning Ivy Schools in Taiwan and China.

The Process

To become Flipped Learning Ivy Schools candidates must complete a comprehensive and internationally accredited professional development program. The program is created in association with the most distinguished Flipped Learning practitioners in Taiwan and the world. To become a Flipped Learning Ivy School, candidates need to be nominated by a recognized organization, apply for the scholarship, and be accepted into the program.

The Benefits

Accepted schools are granted a full professional development scholarship for up to 100 teachers for the Flipped Learning Level-I certification. The FLGI Flipped Learning Certification program is internationally recognized and accredited in the US, Australia, Taiwan, and the European Union.   Flipped Learning Ivy Schools receive the International Flipped Learning Award and become members of a global network of distinguished educators, schools and school systems that have received the honor. Scroll down to learn more about the program, see the full list of benefits and to apply to the program.