Ironman Arizona Triathlon

Today’s post is not about education or the flipped classroom.  It is about one of my other passions: triathlons.IMAZSetingUp2014
What and Why
As some of you may know I have had an obsession with triathlons for the past fifteen years.  I am not sure what it is about triathlons that gets me, but I think a lot of it has to do with finding gratification in pushing myself with new and different challenges.  To that end last year I signed up to compete in the Ironman Arizona Triathlon. The race is this Sunday and I want to share the day with you.  The race is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride,  and 26.2 mile run.  Yea–This is a challenge–or maybe insanity.  So along with about 3000 other people I will enter the water in the Tempe Town Lake at 7:00 Phoenix time (9:00 Eastern).
The Preparation
I have kept track of my workouts via my Garmin for the past year and below is a summary of all the work done.  As I look at these numbers these are lower than they probably were because in some instances the watch wasn’t working or I ran on a treadmill or rode on a bike trainer, etc.
Type of Workout Number of Activities Distance Time Calories
Swimming 82 109 miles 53 hrs 35,000
Biking 162 3946 miles 242 hrs 125,000
Running 136 551 miles 91 hrs 56,000
Strength/Other 99 NA 83 hrs 9000
Totals 479 4679 miles 469 hrs 228,000


Not Alone

Getting ready for this race has been a huge commitment.  The commitment has not been just mine.  My family, especially my wife, Kris, has had to put up with me gone for long times to workout, decreased energy for home chores, and many other things.  I can’t thank her enough for letting me do this and supporting me throughout.  There have also been some great folks who helped me get ready.  My coach:  Kate Schnatterbeck from Team Tri-Umph (  www.tri-umph.us), and some of the guys I have ridden and biked with.  One group of guys even joined me for a 120 mile bike ride (what a glorious day it was)

 How to Track Me

And in the semi-narcissistic vein of this post, you can follow me during the race in real time.  I will be wearing a GPS tracking device during the bike and the run (the bulk of the race) and the official site will track me at specified locations on the course. If you are interested in following me you can go to:

The race is this Sunday11/16/14 and starts at 7:00 Arizona time = 9:00 a.m. Eastern

  • Official Ironman Triathlon Site:  http://ironmanlive.com and find the race tracker.  There you will see my splits occur.  My race number is 2842 which will make it easier for you to track me.
  • Real Time GPS tracking. http://www.myathletelive.com/events/  This may be the best way to track me as you will have real time data on my journey.  At this site you will choose Ironman Arizona and then find my name.  They also have mobile apps for both android and apple devices.
  • You can also watch live video of the event and there is a finish line camera where you could see me finish.  If you use the real time gps tracker you could anticipate when I will finish and tune in.  I anticipate it to finish somewhere between 5:30pm-8:00pm local time (7:30-10pm Eastern).  I anticipate the race taking me anywhere from 10.5hrs to 13hrs depending on many variables.

And if you want to know my goals for the bike and run.  I am hoping to ride at about a 19mph clip and run around 9:10 min/mile pace.  If I am faster, that would be good, if slower then I am probably having a hard time out there.

Thanks for hanging with me for this long post.

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