World Flipped Class Open House 1-30-2012

For the past few years Aaron Sams and I have been hosting educators from around the country into our classes in Woodland Park, CO.  Folks have come from as far away as San Francisco to see our classrooms.  This has been humbling, but it presupposes that we are the only ones using the flipped class model.  Though we helped to pioneer the movement, we recognize that many others are doing a great job at flipping their classroom.  Thus during one of my runs (I do my best thinking ether running or riding my bike), I came up the idea of having one day where people from around the world could visit a flipped class.  I asked some of the other pioneers of the flipped class what they thought, and they all agreed that we should do this. 

So we put out an all call and asked those flipping their classrooms to open up their doors and allow visitors to see the class in action.  We have graciously had a number of folks agree to have you come and visit their schools.  The date for the class visits is Jan 30, 2012.  If you are interested in visiting one of these classes, please contact the person who you will be visiting. 

We would like some feedback on your flipped class visit.  Once you do the visit we would like you to fill out the following form.  For those of you who blog, we would like you to possibly write a blog-post about your experiences during the flipped class visit.  If this is successful, we are thinking of planning one more Flipped Open House Day later on this spring.

Thanks, and happy Flipped Open House Day.



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  1. laurie

    too bad this is not part of a webcast so that we can see classrooms that are similar to our own.  I live in MN and teach high school and the only options are elementary.  something to think about in the future?

    1. Hi Laurie, My name is Kristin Daniels and we are conducting the 6 classroom 5th grade Flipped Math Classroom pilot in Stillwater, MN. However, I recently spoke about our Flipped Classroom experience at a Key Instructional Contacts (KIC) meeting at TIES in St. Paul, MN. I had the participants submit information in order to create a map of local Flipped Classrooms – so here it is!  The placemarkers are organized by where districts are in the process (just curious, thinking about flipping, have some flipped classroom, expanding, etc). Maybe you could contact one of the Flipped districts on the map?

  2. I'm in Australia where we are still on summer holidays until Feb 1. Is there anyone flipping classrooms in Australia. Right now a colleague and I are preparing video mini lessons to present to our Literacy classes in Years 7, 8 and 9. I am also preparing video lessons for my Year 10 ESL class.

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  4. IMO what you have stated here is the start of smth more important than just "flipping." Flipping is a baby step, that won’t deliver us to where we need . It’s not a bad thing because it provides several new capabilities, but it fits in the existing model and that’s where the problem is. Thanks!

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