Innovating with Flipped Learning Educators

I have seen first hand how flipped classrooms are changing the face of teaching across the globe. In 2016 I have been in Spain twice, the United Kingdom, Jordan, Taiwan, China, Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand. I have seen amazing teachers flipping their classrooms.

However, I have also seen that the vast majority of these teachers are flipping their classes in isolation. When teachers flip together, they are much more successful. But some teachers don’t have a colleague across the hall to flip with, and they often flounder. Thus, FLGLobal has launched the International Flipped Learning Innovation Center (IFLIC). It is a place for people to:

  • Get answers to the challenges of a flipped classroom
  • Find support from other flipped practitioners with similar interests
  • Get feedback on your lesson plans before trying them in class
  • Access groups who are sharing flipped learning lesson plans
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes in flipping your lessons, class or school
  • Iterate, innovate and cross-pollinate best practices in flipped learning
  • Access the latest innovations in flipped learning from around the world
  • Build your flipped learning resume to prepare you to become a flipped learning leader

Watch this short video explaining how you can be a part of the IFLIC.

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