International Faculty Candidates

Idea Meritocracy

FLGI is a hyper-purpose driven organization that runs on an Idea Meritocracy model. Our success pivots on our ability to find the best ideas, the best solutions, make the best decisions, and implement them as quickly as possible.

An Idea Meritocracy is a powerful organizational model that consistently outperforms both the autocratic and democratic models when done well. What is an Ideal Meritocracy? How does it work? Watch the following two -minute excerpt from a TED talk to learn more, then answer the questions at the bottom of the page:


  • How does an “Idea Meritocracy” differ from a democracy?
  • If you’ve ever worked in an Idea Meritocracy what was it like?
  • Based on FLGI’s  Radical 10 Habits, how do you think the FLGI Idea Meritocracy might differ from the one described in the video?